Cleansing is arguably the most satisfying step of a skincare routine.

I prefer to do one cleanse in the morning and a double cleanse at night.

 I steer clear of overly foaming cleansers as they leave my skin feeling tight and stripped, so my picks are hydrating/soothing/exfoliating,



I'm a sucker for exfoliating. I've learnt the hard way not to overdo it though (hello damaged skin barrier!).

My favourite chemical exfoliant is glycolic (most powerful) but my picks range for potent to sensitive skin friendly. I've also thrown a few physical scrubs in there because if you self tan like me, you'll know how useful a physical scrub comes in handy around the hairline once in a while!

I tend to use a peel treatment twice a week as opposed to a daily exfoliant, and I always use these in my PM skincare routine as my morning routine is Vitamin C, however I'll occasionally use a gentle physical scrub in the morning if my skin is looking dull.


My love for an essence has grown RAPIDLY recently, if you'd of asked me 6 months ago I would have told you I don't bother with one. After falling in love with the Toleriane Concentrate from La Roche Posay, my eyes really opened up to how beneficial essences are for skin, particularly when it comes to hydration. Essences are a thin water like consistency and therefore all the hydrating ingredients can penetrate deep into the skin and have the most effect. if you're skin is dry and sensitised, essences could really become your skin's best friend - I know I'll never go back!


Now personally, I really like my crows feet - they add character and are my favourite of all the wrinkles you could get! I use eye products more for hydrating purposes. I had my skin analysed in a facial once and it pointed out how hydrated each area of my skin was - unsurprisingly the eye are was the most dehydrated (it's the thinnest most sensitive skin on your face). Since then I've made more of a conscious effort to treat it, and I prefer to apply at the start of my routine as opposed to the end.


I've probably tried and tested more hydrating serums than any other skincare product, I really do love them. Serums have a thinner consistency than oils and moisturisers, so their hydrating ingredients (hyaluronic acid, glycerin etc) are going to penetrate the skin and work best at this step of your routine.